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Black Shino tea pot/cone 11/reduction

`table salt added to the soda ash heated with water and

painted on the entire pot.`




this is the new mel6 clay body, with an old ron roy recipe for a base that i made

into pure white using zircopax and tin, and a black with red iron and cobalt.

fired to cone 7 in four hours, with a three hour down fire at 1800F.

`the white over oil spots.`



this is my first kiln, built in my garage from a plan by jim mackinnel/iowa state university. 1965

i had never seen a soft brick kiln, or seen a ifb soft brick.

i ran my own gas line cutting my gas pipe in the basement of my house and

cutting a hole in the concrete brick wall and going undground to the garage.

it was a cross draft kiln with a small flue. i still use those denver f clay burners...35 bucks each.

wonderful burners. it became an arch kiln a few years later with the burners both in the back

and next to the chimney stack/flue


i just used logic, how hard can it be? fact it was very easy and it fired to cone 10 the first time

i fired it. that was 1965. no books were written yet. rhodes kiln came out a few years later.

it was just a box from brick that you added heat to.

that is a full sheet of aspestos board behind the kiln to protect the wooden wall.

worked fine. i never cut it...just put it up there with nails.



two mugs from fall firing at the farm.

cone 12/deep reduction at the end/add wood and close up kiln tight.

down fire at 1900 for an hour.

This is Mrs. Mugamba. This picture is from Nat Geo about 1974.

I had this picture on the wall as kids came into my class room.

She was known by every student, and respected. We often said that any student that could

make a pot this wonderful , the grade would be beyond A+.

Perfect hand building, a pot that was used and the firing was done in a pit with burning grass.

She may have been one of the best potters on this planet.

Giesha party, famous park in Kyoto, Mel obvious. suit and tie, always .just before my speech.

a batch of uchida pots drying in the sun. notice...perfection

melsan made those mugs, and i did all the handles.